360° expertise in cutting-edge industrial IoT

We work closely with companies, universities and research & development institutions in our quest to break down data communication barriers and to maximize the potential space technology has for industrial IoT.

Together with our partners we offer you the fuel your business needs to take off: the IoT solutions that keep track of your data and enable a seamless predictive maintenance and a timely product optimization.

Strategic Partners

Exploring tomorrow’s technology and creating today’s solutions it’s what we do best. We got on board aerospace pioneers and technology & navigation innovators to steer the future of IoT communications in the direction your business needs.

Together we make sure you reach your destination.

Business Partners

Having your back has always been our main goal. In order to keep better track of your business we developed innovative communication solutions for a wide range of industries: from freight transport and Smart-City operators to the farming and maritime industry.

Together we boost performance at a fast pace.

On-going support

Outstanding technical expertise is the engine that keeps us going. Our partners contribute not only with their logistics but also with ideas and exceptional knowledge in their field.

Together we fine-tune the future of IoT communications.

Become our partner and shape the future of IoT applications