The manufacturing of our unique space antenna has been completed successfully and we are a significant step closer to its installation and operation on ISS. The subsequent passing of all mechanical and structural tests marks a key milestone for the development of high-performing IoT solutions that individually match our clients’ needs.

The space antenna is an important tool which together with our fully autonomous system and a comprehensive range of apps and services transforms cutting-edge industrial IoT infrastructure from dream to reality. With its accomplishment we meet the needs of countless industrial operators which have e.g. their goods transported on long distances and through areas with remote or no connectivity.

What our innovative space antenna does

EMC test for space IoT antenna at IABG, Germany

In order to allow for a precise tracking method for objects, even when in remote areas with low connectivity, specific sensors need to be attached. The data travels from the sensors further to our antenna in space and to the client, with no other party involved. The data can then either be viewed and analysed on the customer´s platform or with our comprehensive range of services. This includes data about temperature, shocks, traffic conditions and much more, depending on the nature of the goods that are being monitored.

Successfully passing all the tests

In order to approve the antenna operating on the ISS a couple of tests needed to be performed. For this reason, we tested our space antenna both in Switzerland and Germany at high-profile institutions.

Mechanical and structural tests for the antenna at RUAG GERMANY

The mechanical and structural tests were performed at RUAG in Switzerland while the EMC tests were carried out at IABG in Germany.

Passing all the necessary tests gave us green light for the delivery of our antenna in order to be launch with SpaceX CRS-20 to the International Space Station. Upon arrival the antenna will be installed on the Bartolomeo platform. From there it will soon go live, and with it, secure industrial data communications will become more accurate than ever.

Stay tuned to find out more news about the evolution of our antenna and our projects.