SAT4M2M has been granted by the European Commission / SMEI Phase 2 with the 2.5 million € project “Internet of Things – Everywhere on Earth – IoTEE“ as Project Coordinator.


SAT4M2M is developing the first disruptive global, satellite-based IoT solution (LPWA) which makes use of the International Space Station. The ISS is acting as the “sentinel satellite” for initial services, being regarded as the kernel of a constellation of piggyback payloads on host satellites in low earth orbits LEO. 

With the SMEI Phase 2, the European Commission intends to bridge “the funding gap” of private investors (Phase A) and to support emerging disruptive innovations and helps SMEs to scale-up faster globally.

The implementation of the IoTEE project leverages unique European space assets such as the disruptive beam-forming space antenna and the processor hard- and software on-board the International Space Station, through an exclusive ITU frequency license owned by SAT4M2M, addressing the multi-million Space IoT market opportunity. The company has 4 patents and the project benefits also from a strategic partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). “It is a booster for us, helping us to convince European leaders that New Space (Space 2.0) has become a reality in many places in Europe now and not only on the US side” Martin Haunschild, SAT4M2M CEO, is convinced about that.