Global IoT Coverage: Always Stay Connected to Your IoT.

And always stay on top of your business. By 2020, over 20 billion objects will be interconnected. IoT communications therefore require substantial network upgrades to meet these new, fast-growing market needs. Our mission is simple: to enable secure, reliable and truly global IoT coverage. With this goal in mind, we developed TELDASAT, a novel technology platform, network and architecture based on Space IoT. TELDASAT leverages existing and planned European space technology infrastructure (such as the German Space Operations Center at DLR) and benefits from exclusive access to the International Space Station (ISS). This allows our customers to receive a constant stream of data from their machines. Will you, too, join the data revolution, powered by IoT?

A hybrid solution enabling global IoT coverage

The TELDASAT service completes existing terrestrial infrastructure, which currently suffers from coverage gaps and high CAPEX. As a result, businesses will be able to monitor their IoT in a secure and reliable manner, even when objects are in remote areas. Never lose track of your objects or miss out on important data again.

SAT4M2M addresses the widespread and urgent unmet need of heightened

transparency through an LPWA network. Completing terrestrial LPWA

systems, this solution offers several advantages beyond global IoT coverage:

  • Enhanced predictive maintenance capabilities based on IoT
  • Optimized, secure intermodal logistics and operations
  • Optimized processes to monitor, track and trace assets
  • Broad scale organisational impact
  • The ability to connect IT/OT systems with any IoT platforms
  • Cost-efficient services
  • Seamless management of customer assets
  • Increased sustainability
  • Very low battery drainage at the user and object side
  • Independence with advanced integrity and security levels

A Trusted Expert Across Industries

SAT4M2M works with clients across a wide range of industries: AgTech, maritime, freight transport and urban planning, to name a few. Client solutions focus on fleet management, predictive maintenance and production optimization. How can we help you?