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Global Fleet Management for Freight


In Europe, freight trains travel internationally for over 60% of their lifetime and are subject to many – and often extreme – environments and conditions. As such, solutions like GSM (with rapid battery draining and costly roaming), LoRa (subject to national protocols) and Sigfox (lack of coverage) provide only limited visibility when it comes to global fleet management. SAT4M2M, in contrast, can offer coverage at every rail track location on the planet, including along remote tracks, without the need for telecoms or electricity. This, in turn allows rail operators to always be on top of their routes, and for manufacturers to constantly be able to monitor merchandise.

Reliable Data Connectivity for Maritime


Ships travel thousands of kilometers per year, often beginning their journeys on one side of the world and faring across oceans to dock on other continents and deliver valuable cargo. Therefore, the maritime industry is another segment in which the low cost/global coverage/long autonomy paradigms is particularly appealing. SAT4M2M provides maritime operators with constant visibility over vessel locations and conditions at very low cost, further enhanced by a battery autonomy of 6 years.

Monitoring Production Levels in AgTech

When it comes to the farming industry, IoT is at the core of its modernization. Successful agricultural ventures depend considerably on ensuring healthy, quality crop production. SAT4M2M proposes a better way to keep on top of produce and livestock, with sensors that send regular status updates across extensive areas and even for multi-property operations. This, in turn, lets farmers focus on delivering high quality goods in a more sustainable and economical manner..

Optimizing Infrastructure with Smart

City Applications

A challenge faced by today’s cities involves the optimization of existing infrastructure. IoT connectivity can help, even in very simple cases, such as monitoring street light repair status. Thanks to SAT4M2M, cities can seamlessly measure the exact, current state of public infrastructure, thus improving replacement planning. This paves the way to lower overall costs for routine maintenance and new materials. 

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