SAT4M2M: The First Data Connectivity Provider Operating Through Space

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We offer full, global coverage for your IoT.


As the first data connectivity provider with an antenna on the ISS, we know how challenging it is to keep track of goods, especially when these travel long distances or across remote areas. We also understand that you require a secure network, protecting important data at all times. With this in mind, we developed our TELDASAT solution, whereby sensors, connected to a satellite network, enable a constant flow of data from your Things to space and directly back to you. Thanks to our partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), we are the first commercial entity with access to the International Space Station (ISS).

The ambitious SAT4M2M mission

What do SAT4M2M sensors provide?

data connectivity provider, interoperability


Connect any sensor, or “ground tag”, that you need and receive the secured data on any platform you use, complementing LPWA technologies (Sigfox, LoRa, etc.).

Global Coverage

Roaming costs and black spots are a thing of the past. Our satellite network offers truly global coverage from day 1, including aerial and remote connectivity.

5 Years of Autonomy

Many connected objects require a guaranteed battery life of multiple years. Our ultra-low power technology allows for 3 messages per hour, lasting 5 years.

A future-proof data connectivity provider, available today.

Today’s network sensors are too big and expensive. In addition, they send signals for a limited amount of time, due to a short battery life. With SAT4M2M’s satellite network, there are no more GSM network restrictions. Sensors are small and affordable, letting you connect everything you need. Easily measure temperature, status, location or even conditions of local infrastructure. If you require more visibility, your own sensors can be seamlessly integrated. These are only some of the benefits of working with a truly global IoT data connectivity provider.